Keramik-Kartell - scandalous name, dazzlingly good products

We at do not want to create generic ceramics. Instead we let ourselves be inspired by tactile things. We are constantly working to capture the irregularity of the universe and nature and to realize it in our works. To this end, we work full of energy and unbroken drive to capture our passion in the material clay. Our unique pieces are made of high quality materials and flawlessly finished. All together we create ceramics that convey an aesthetic feeling of living and an inspiring attitude towards life. Our creations are characterized by curiosity and inspire with their timeless design.

Stilvolle Deko Keramik

We at the Keramik-Kartell help you to express your personal style at home. Our lovingly handmade decoration ceramics are each unique pieces and provide exclusivity and individuality in your home, office or shop. For our stylish accessories we only use high-quality materials, which are selected by the respective artist with pedantic meticulousness. This passion for the material clay together with our imaginative design creates decorative ceramics that are an attractive eye-catcher in every room. The decorative ceramics convince by form and refinement and provide an appealing living feeling. All these factors make our handmade studio ceramics a homely detail that stands for comfort and quality.

Ceramics for your daily use

So that you can also express your unique style in everyday life, also produces high-quality utility ceramics in loving handicraft. The utility ceramics we carefully design are intended for daily use due to their unlimited functionality and we ask for it! It is characterised by its high-quality processing and the modern spirit of the time. With the lovingly handmade utility ceramics you bring free and fresh esprit into your daily routine. It doesn't matter whether it's breakfast from your favourite handmade plate or the 3 p.m. tea from your favourite handmade cup, conjures up a unique attitude to life on every table.

Raku ceramics - Randomness as a designer

As representatives of a traditional craft, we know that we have to get the ceramics out of the dusty drawer of the "pottery" house. Therefore we started in 2004 to produce and fire exclusive Raku ceramics. With this old Japanese technique the open fire creates filigree unique pieces. The resulting Raku ceramics bear witness to bold craftsmanship and innovative design. Through this risky work stands out from the grey "pottery" and stands for individual modernity, sophisticated design and high quality. We want a new generation of ceramics that frees itself from its conventional rules and celebrates its individual diversity.