Functional and individual - an insight into consumer ceramics

Hardly any other craft combines functional and personal aspects as successfully as ceramics and pottery. Making individual tableware is more or less a question of professional honour. The handmade unique pieces are not only utility ceramics, but also an expression of your personal style and the perfect completion of your own taste. Whether the eye-catching cup, the innovative helpers of table culture or exclusive custom-made items - at the Keramik-Kartell you can expect an enchanting variety of high-quality handmade unique pieces from functional to modern.

At first glance, utility ceramics is a bulky word. As the name suggests, it refers to ceramic articles of daily use - sanitary ceramics such as washbasins and tiles, but also tableware such as tableware. However, they all have one thing in common: they are all manufactured on an industrial scale. Another branch of ceramics is the ceramic art. It can be classified in the fine arts and means the creation of sculptures and other ceramic objects as works of art. What they have in common is that they are handmade, unique pieces with a high standard of craftsmanship.

Bunte Vasen auf der Theke bei Keramik-Kartell

Now the question is, what does the ceramic cartel produce? It is table ceramics like cups, jugs or bowls, but they are all handmade, unique pieces that have been worked on for hours. The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems at first. The decision cannot be made without an emotional charge, it is ceramic art for everyday life. Because it is a nice feeling to hold something in your hands that was made by a human being and not an anonymous machine. The joy that only you own this vessel and you will never find another one, it is almost a thieving joy. In times of ever-increasing industrialisation, it is these small everyday objects that bring diversity and individuality into every house and make it a home - just by adding that certain something extra.
Something handmade is never perfect, there is something new to discover every day. The small dent in the wall, that comes from the ceramist's index finger. The handle is a tiny little My crooked. The glaze shimmers differently in every light and changes. Each unique piece has its own story, its own facet.

It takes a little frankness to part with the perfect and prefer something individual.

Handmade pottery for everyday?

But of course! The utility ceramics are intended for daily use, even several times a day. Accordingly, it must be convincing in quality and functionality. Keramik-Kartell has a diverse and highly individual assortment of robust cups, mugs, bowls and dishes! The majority of the products are manufactured as stoneware and are therefore particularly resistant to ensure that our utility ceramics can be used as long as possible.