With ceramics it is like with everything in life:

It's a matter of taste.

A true statement, there's nothing to add to that. But what to do if some of our ceramics have turned out differently than the artist expected? They lack for nothing. They are, like all other ceramics in the individual categories, finished to a high standard with a love for detail. The clay lovers at Keramik-Kartell.de are experienced craftsmen virtuosos and they have one thing in common besides their clean and thorough working methods: they are meticulous and have very clear ideas about what should be brought to light when the kiln is opened. So it can happen that one of our pedantic potters is not convinced of the result of one of his utility ceramics. His idea was simply a different one. Sometimes the colour does not match the shape, sometimes the clay is not suitable for a certain glaze. Another factor in pottery that should not be underestimated is chance. It's not uncommon to ask yourself, how could this happen, how did I manage it and how did you get there?

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Usually, random changes and variations in the glaze or clay are not a problem, on the contrary: they are welcome, and since they are unpredictable, chance is a welcome unique creator, especially in Raku. In Japan, random glaze drops even have their own name: the lucky drops. Sometimes chance is such a good artist that you wish you had more of them, but unfortunately chance cannot be reproduced. There are simply too many possibilities that influence the result. Sometimes it is the gas mixture in the kiln from the melting glazes, other times it is the proximity to the heating coils in the kiln. Our clay lovers are curious every time the kiln opens after a firing. They wonder if it turned out as expected and sometimes it is simply a matter of taste.