Health & Safety

The glazes we use do not contain any hazardous substances in a concentration that would have to be labelled in accordance with the hazardous substances ordinance. For our glazes, "unlabelled" means that although they contain appropriate raw materials, they contain hazardous substances only in a concentration that does not require labelling in accordance with the German Ordinance on Hazardous Substances. The glazes we use for tableware and drinking utensils are completely non-labelled.
The glazes we use are generally free of lead. Lead was and is added to glazes as a flux to lower the melting point of the glazes and to create certain effects.

Cadmium is contained in some of our glazes. However, it is surrounded by zirconium silicate, i.e. it is bound and cannot be released. The cadmium release of inclusion pigments is 1000 times lower than that of conventional cadmium glazes. The strong red and orange colours used by us are therefore not subject to identification.

The term "food safe" is not a term to be used in ceramics. Some glazes may not contain any substances requiring labelling, but for other reasons they are not considered to be absolutely suitable for tableware and drinking vessels. An example is a matt plate - not directly toxic, but not hygienic either. Because of this, a smooth glaze can be found on all the inside of our food and drink utensils, which does not pose any danger even under unfavourable conditions.

Safety data sheets with all relevant information on our glazes can be requested directly from us.