Teekanne mit Bambusgriff & Teeschale im japanischen Stil - FrontTeekanne mit Bambusgriff & Teeschale im japanischen Stil - SeiteTeekanne mit Bambusgriff & Teeschale im japanischen Stil - Innenansicht
Teekanne mit Bambusgriff & Teeschale im japanischen Stil - Front

Teapot with bamboo handle & Japanese style tea bowl

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Product description

In perfect balance, this handmade teapot combines eye-catching design and simple functionality. The handmade teapot's organic exterior has been attractively fused with the smooth, shiny glaze. The result is a haptically exciting feeling you can't get enough of.

Due to the natural shape and style of the lovingly crafted teapot, only one type of handle could decorate this unique piece. The handle is made of real bamboo and perfectly combines the Japanese style of the handmade white teapot with the functionality of this individual teapot. The handle of the teapot can be tilted to the side for easy access to the seamlessly recessed lid.

This flush-fitting lid has been integrated into the feminine body of this handmade teapot and is held in place. This ingenious trick and the high foot make the teapot literally float on the table. The lightness is also reflected in the high-gloss white glaze. The delicate traces run like lines of the sky over the hatched belly of the black jug body. Matching the style of the handmade teapot, loose tea in it becomes a feast for the palate par excellence. The large opening at the top allows the tea to evaporate between infusions and stays deliciously fresh. In order to be held back in the teapot when pouring and not to flow into the small tea bowl, a strainer has been fixed in the white handmade teapot. Because of the sieve, as with all Japanese teapots, it takes some practice to pour the tea into the handmade tea bowl.

The pot weighs approx. 950 g when empty and has a filling volume of approx. 600 mL. Due to its filling volume it is very suitable for the Japanese tea ceremonies with their traditional infusions. It is about 24 cm high without handle and about 14 cm wide at the belly.

The corresponding tea bowl weighs approx. 130 g empty and has a filling volume of approx. 120 mL. It is about 5.5 cm high and has a diameter of about 7 cm at the upper edge.

Product details
Type of firing
Dishwasher safe
no (bambo hande)
no (bamboo handle)
For food contact
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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