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Happy colourful tin with lucky curl

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Product description

Cute, cheerful, enchanting! This is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this small jewellery box. From the perfectly spherical shape to the curl of the lid - the eye-catcher is a cheerful overall package that brings a smile to your face. As the saying goes "happy accessories make happy people! - with the tin quite simply! The small handmade tin convinces with its bright painting and an eye-catching shape. The high-gloss and even glaze is the perfect combination for a modern and lively furnishing style.

The tin and the lid were made by hand on the potter's wheel. In the further course of processing both parts were fitted together and the decorative curl was attached to the lid of the tin. During the manufacturing process the material clay was worked to its load limit and the wall thickness of the can and lid was reduced to less than 3 mm. These extremely thin walls and the resulting very low weight make it a unique curiosity. Together with the cheerful painting, lightness becomes tangible!

The playful tin was painted by hand with natural pigments from rocks and shows the native traces of the artist. The inside also holds a surprise in store, as it is painted in a strong lacquer red. Especially jewellery and other treasures in the tin are beautifully contrasted by the red.

The tin is about 14 cm high and has a diameter of 13 cm. Its weight is only 350 g.

Product details
Type of firing
Hand painted
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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