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handmade Japanese Hohin incl. tea bowl (Chawan)

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Product description

Organic structure with inorganic materials - this is traditional Japanese ceramics. The beauty of nature is accepted and revered with all its supposedly imperfect facets. This old philosophy was applied in the manual production of this Hohin (Japanese tea bowl with lid) and has given it a unique appearance. Because the great aim of Japanese ceramics is that they are not obtrusive - they must fit seamlessly into a garden without looking like a foreign body. Its earthy colours and the random shape make this Hohin a unique unicum.

The tea bowl was lovingly made with an old Japanese construction technique and individually reworked with the corresponding old carving technique. The organic shape of the Hohin was worked with typical Japanese, earthy colours. However, the inside is the highlight. This was rubbed off with volcanic ash, which later melted in the kiln. The resulting patina is a natural eye catcher! The surface and the relief-like structure of the tea bowl take the viewer on an exciting journey of discovery!

Traditionally, the Hohin is a tea bowl which is used for the preparation and consumption of large-leaf tea. The sieve integrated in the lid retains the leaves when pouring into the corresponding tea bowl. The lid also serves the purpose of keeping the tea in Hohin fresh for the next infusion.
It is a central component of Japanese tea culture. Its shape, imperfect and asymmetrical to European eyes, brings the Hohin to life. They underline its uniqueness, the individuality of each bowl. This philosophy makes Japanese tea culture something unique, which promotes and reveres unique pieces.

Due to the traditional manufacturing process, the Hohin and the accompanying tea cup have a small wobble-free foot and allow the water to run off cleanly. Both are made of stoneware (highly fired ceramics) and, like everything else in the ceramic cartel, have a food-safe glaze. It can be washed in the dishwasher and put in the microwave.

The Hohin weighs about 400 g empty and the tea bowl about 225 g. Both have a filling volume of 220 mL. In Japanese nothing is simple and has to be refined with years of practice. The same applies to the use of a Hohin - it takes some practice to produce a uniform pouring stream.

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Type of firing
Dishwasher safe
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Germany (EU)
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