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Azure blue oblong Raku tin with a seal

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Product description

This beautiful elongated raku tin was inspired by the icy seas and the seals of the north. The inhabitants are special creatures and one was captured as a handle in this box! The organically elongated shape of the handmade box in combination with the azure blue raku glaze is a decorative eye-catcher in your home. The blue looks like the strongly pressed ice in drifting icebergs. The contrast is particularly high due to the white and the silk matt black and seems unreal - fitting to the unreal environment of the far north.

The raku can and the seal were formed by hand, smoothed cleanly in a leather-hard state and the bottom was modelled. In this step the lid was also meticulously fitted into the bottom part. The modelled seal was then placed on the lid as a handle and both parts were bisqued in the kiln.

Afterwards, the can was glazed with the old Japanese Raku technique in a glaze band. This risky technique creates unique and unique pieces, because at over 1000 °C the yellow glowing ceramics are taken out of the kiln and placed in sawdust. These are immediately ignited by the ceramics and flames, soot and ashes create the silky matt black on the surfaces. The rapid drop in temperature causes stress cracks (cracs) and the soot is absorbed into the craquelé of the glaze. Raku ceramics initially still smell of their origins, but the smell fades with time.

The beautiful oblong raku tin weighs about 420 g and is about 12 cm high. The horizontal cylinder is about 18 cm long and has a diameter of about 5 cm.

Product details
type of firing
Raku (earthenware)
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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