Susanne Schnurre

Susanne Schnurre, founder of the Keramik-Kartell, is a young, self-taught artist with a lot of heart and passion. She had her first contact with the ceramic craft at the tender age of 6 years and has been "fire and flame" for clay ever since. Her main focus is on decoration and utility ceramics and thus on traditional ceramics. In accordance with this focus, she does not shy away from traditional and original techniques such as Raku ceramics and creates unique ceramic pieces.

Handgemachte Keramik zu Weihnachten - überraschter Weihnachtsmann

Free in her creativity, Susanne likes to try things out and always dares to go further in terms of craftsmanship. This thirst for knowledge, her thirst for research and the craftsmanship she has developed over more than 30 years create ceramics of very high quality and individuality. Her pieces are stylish, contemporary but also extravagant, handcrafted at premium level and yet created for everyday use.