weiße Raku Teeschale 'Herzblut' mit roten Tropfenweiße Raku Teeschale 'Herzblut' mit roten Tropfen Seitenansichtweiße Raku Teeschale 'Herzblut' mit roten Tropfen Rückseiteweiße Raku Teeschale 'Herzblut' mit roten Tropfen Innenansicht
weiße Raku Teeschale 'Herzblut' mit roten Tropfen

White Raku Tea Bowl 'Heart's Blood' with Red Drops

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Product description

Passion is the driving force that makes us humans create the most incredible creations to perfection. It drives and drives us to despair, it takes our lifeblood and we can only rest when it is accomplished.

We all know this and give our heart and soul. It is no different for us at the Keramik-Kartell. Pottery is our passion and lost in this we have made the Raku tea bowl 'Heart's Blood'. Hand-turned on the potter's wheel, later glazed by hand and finished with the Japanese Raku technique, we can proudly say: this is handwork, this is our lifeblood.

Since in raku the ceramics are taken out of the kiln at approx. 1000 °C, yellow-hot, and placed in beech chips, the tea bowl still smells of fire, soot and ash. After all, the fire does not give up its treasures without a fight and the smell quickly dissipates. Due to the relatively low temperatures, the tea bowl is not yet completely watertight at the beginning. However, the still few open channels sinter very quickly due to the suspended matter contained in the tea.

The tea bowl weighs approx. 200 g empty and has a filling volume of approx. 200 mL. It is about 6.5 cm high and the diameter of the upper edge is about 9 cm.

Product details
type of firing
Raku (earthenware)
no (not jet)
Dishwasher safe
For food contact
Susanne Schnurre
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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