kleine Teekanne mit Teeschale im japanischen Stil - Frontansichtkleine Teekanne mit Teeschale im japanischen Stil - Deckel offenkleine Teekanne mit Teeschale im japanischen Stil - Rückansicht
kleine Teekanne mit Teeschale im japanischen Stil - Frontansicht

nice small teapot with tea bowl in Japanese style

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Product description

An extraordinary teapot was created here from rough clay and inspired by the Far Eastern style. Because this special handmade teapot is based on the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi and impresses with its sharp change of surface. Created as two puzzle pieces of a whole, the shiny white glazed part of the teapot offers a stark contrast to the sensual unglazed half and is a sensual experience due to its feel. From the vertical center, the pot is partially unglazed and thus conveys the impetuous strength of the earth: uneven and expressive. As a further homage to its changeable origin, this teapot has a long, curved handle - which is cleverly unglazed on the handle side for a better grip when pouring into the accompanying small teacup.

This teapot can also be used on the side, as a handcrafted detail a small nose was added to the lid. So the teapot cannot lose its lid when pouring into the teacup. Of course, the teapot has been designed to retain loose tea through an integrated strainer and is absolutely waterproof. Just as original as the teapot itself, the classic Asian preparation with loose tea is particularly suitable. Because the upper opening of the pot body is generously worked. As with all Japanese teapots, the handling requires some practice. It is not easy to create a uniform pouring stream despite the superior taste of loose tea that gets caught in the strainer.

The pot weighs approx. 500 g when empty and has a filling volume of approx. 350 mL. Due to its filling volume it is perfectly suited for Japanese tea ceremonies with their traditional infusions. It is about 20 cm high, 14 cm long and about 11 cm wide.

The corresponding tea bowl weighs approx. 60 g empty and has a filling volume of approx. 50 mL. It is about 5 cm high and has a diameter of about 5.5 cm at the upper edge.

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