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Large Raku Design Vase with peacock feathers

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Product description

Nice, nicer, peacock!

One of the most enchanting birds was the inspiration for this Raku vase - its magnificent feathers have been decorating and fascinating for centuries! Like the peacock, the Raku is a tribute to beauty! The glittering facets of the feathers form a unity with the hourglass shape of this vase. A coordinated unity between the feminine and the masculine. Only the two together can create something uniquely beautiful and as a unit they have done a great job on this Raku vase.

The unique vase was formed by hand on the potter's wheel. The numerous feathers of the proud peacock were worked out later. Afterwards the vase was worked with the old Japanese Raku technique. In this process, the ceramics, which are at 1000 °C, are taken out of the fire and placed in sawdust to cool down. These ignite immediately and the flames flicker across the vase. Hot and dangerous! The natural force of fire has given the Raku vase a unique black crackle. The glossy white of the surface contrasts the peacock's unmistakable feathers. Care has been taken to give the Raku enough space. The feathers and the eye-catching shape of the vase create a mysterious eye-catcher on the table!

The light raku vase weighs 1 kg and is approx. 18 cm high. At the belly it has a diameter of about 15 cm. It is not yet 100% waterproof, which is due to the Japanese Raku technique. However, in the course of use it becomes waterproof in time due to the suspended matter contained in the (flower) water as a result of the sintering process.

Product details
type of firing
Raku (earthenware)
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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