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large Raku chessboard bowl in black and white

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Product description

Like everything from the Kartell, this piece is one of a kind. Each step, including glazing the chessboard, is manual work and requires a steady hand and a keen eye.

The large and the small bowl were turned by hand on the potter's wheel. They were then turned cleanly and assembled with a flat plate. So that the future decorative element does not roll around wildly, it was balanced and reinforced.

After biscuiting, the ceramic was given the checkerboard pattern by hand and fired again. The black coloring was created on this ceramic with a special ink after the second firing. She also finds even the smallest crack in the glaze and thus stains a raku-like craquelè on the ceramic. The ink is absolutely non-slip and does not rub off, but it should never be wiped off with a damp or even wet cloth.

So that the hemisphere does not roll indefinitely, a center of gravity was attached to the sphere, which creates additional weight and keeps the bowl upright. Its weight is about 2.7 kg. The dimensions, measured at the top edge, are approx. 27 x 14 cm (diameter x height).

Product details
type of firing
Raku (earthenware)
Dishwasher safe
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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