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Sake Set 'Welle von Kanagawa'

handmade sake set 'Big wave of Kanagawa'

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Product description

Sake is a Japanese cultural asset and belongs to the soul of the country. You can enjoy it in style from Tokkuri and Guinomi - the sake bottle and the sake bowls. This sake set is a homage to rice wine and Japan. The sake bottle and the sake bowls are lovingly constructed by hand. Thanks to the special Japanese construction technique, the bottle maintains the temperature for a particularly long time and it makes no difference whether it is intended to cool or keep the sake warm.
On the outside, there are carved out waves that resemble the "Great Wave of Kanagawa". The Japanese artist Hokusai created the 36 views of Mount Fuij around 1800 hundred. The wave is one of the most famous motives.

The anthracite-coloured clay used is particularly silky due to the special processing and nestles attractively in the hand. The background of the waves and the sake bowls have been treated with an iridescent green glaze. This enlivens the sake set and makes it look alive!

The sake set weighs a total of 720 g (empty). The sake bottle has a filling volume of < 320 mL and is about 21 cm high. Typically Japanese, the sake set was banned at more than 1250 °C. These high temperatures cause the clay to sinter on its own and make the set absolutely watertight. The sake set is also suitable for the dishwasher and microwave.

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