Handgemachte zirkulaere weiße Vase mit Treibholz - mit BlumeHandgemachte zirkulaere weiße Vase mit Treibholz - SeitenansichtHandgemachte zirkulaere weiße Vase mit Treibholz - DetailHandgemachte zirkulaere weiße Vase mit Treibholz - Draufsicht
Handgemachte zirkulaere weiße Vase mit Treibholz - mit Blume

Handmade ring-shaped white vase with driftwood

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Product description

Life and its sensitive cycle is always about merging and becoming one. We are all born from a fusion that goes back as far as life itself is old. It is a cycle that makes every life strive despite all adversities. This cycle has inspired the creation of this ring-shaped vase.

In homage to this inescapable law of symbiosis and transience, two completely different materials, different in spirit but united in being, have been joined together. A ring serves as the base for this white circular vase. It reflects this cycle and illustrates the maxim to which we are subject. This journey begins with a tree seedling and a mountain massif - two materials that could not be more different. In the end, both are subject to the passage of time. Exactly this end was captured in this ring-shaped vase. Both materials used are at the end of their cycle and have been lovingly worked up by hand.

The black clay that was used for the white round vase is only a shadow of the former mountain range and shimmers only delicately through. The white crystal glaze lies like fresh snow on the round vase. It only gives a hint of the original roughness and untamed nature of the former rock. The used piece of Baltic driftwood was specially collected by hand from the coast. It was carefully dried until the fusion for this high-quality ring-shaped vase. For the wobble-free foot on this ring-shaped vase, the piece of driftwood was meticulously sanded on the underside to shape. To illustrate the fusion, the foot of the round vase was embedded in the wood and firmly anchored - in the end both are united.

Due to its unique origin, this unique piece is not only a decorative element for every room, but a stylish reminder to enjoy life to the full with its iridescent facets alone. Above all, this becomes visible when using the ring-shaped vase. The flower heads standing in the vase are weightlessly raised, like the sun, above everything. It is the sun that acts in the cycle of life as a motor for the plant seedling but also as a destroyer of every mountain range.

The ring-shaped white vase is 19.5 cm wide, 22 cm high and 4.5 cm deep. The ring itself is 3 cm wide. The ring-shaped vase is easy to fill at the bottom hole of the ring due to its ingenious design and is of course absolutely watertight.

Product details
Type of firing
Dishwasher safe
no (driftwood foot)
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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