Handgemachte zirkulaere weiße Vase - Frontansicht mit BlumenHandgemachte zirkulaere weiße Vase - FrontansichtHandgemachte zirkulaere weiße Vase - Seitenansicht
Handgemachte zirkulaere weiße Vase - Frontansicht mit Blumen

Handmade ring-shaped white vase 'Circle of life'

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Product description

We are all a part of him, but we tend to forget this. We are talking about the infinite "Circle of life" - this old, inescapable law has been the model for this handmade ring-shaped vase and is also the eponym.

The almost forgotten origins of this cycle are still vaguely recognizable under the crystal white shining glaze of the ring-shaped vase. Now it is something else - something bursting with infinity in the advanced cycle. By changing from amorphous ceramic mass to something enchantingly filigree, this lovingly handmade ring-shaped vase shows us the lightness but also the inevitability of change.

At first glance, the liveliness and diversity of floral life stands in stark contrast to the immobility of the ring-shaped vase. At second glance, the circle and the course of life come to the fore, making this white circular vase a necessary part of this regularity.

To ensure that the fragile tenderness of life and its preciousness are not forgotten, this O-shaped white vase has been potted by hand as a unique symbol of continuity. In this way, this unique piece of art is not only a decorative element for any room, but a meaningful reminder to enjoy life to the full with its iridescent facets alone.

The ring-shaped white vase is 19 cm wide, 21 cm high and 4 cm deep. The ring itself is 3.5 cm wide. The ring-shaped vase can be filled easily at the bottom hole of the ring due to its sophisticated design and is of course absolutely waterproof.

Product details
Type of firing
Dishwasher safe
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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