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handmade pair porcelain/clay tea bowl (Chawan)

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Product description

In Japan's culture and soul, everything revolves around straightforwardness and structure, but in harmony with nature. Different materials are fused and something new and better is created! This has also led to the development of its own tea culture and various tea utensils. The desire for fusion is the inspiration and the motir that created this pair of tea bowls. Here too, symmetry has its place and makes the heart of tea lovers beat faster.

The tea bowls are made of a mixture of materials - clay and porcelain. Porcelain, the white gold, is an unpleasant material and the supreme discipline of ceramic processing. However, there are mixing ratios, where porcelain and clay complement each other and something great is created.
The tea bowls were turned by hand on the potter's wheel and then elaborately finished. Only in this way, the organic pattern of the different materials comes to light. Like wafts of mist, the snow-white porcelain on the outside extends over the black of the clay used. As a tribute to nature, the outside was left unglazed. The glaze used is applied to the top edge in such a way that the organic clay is not unpleasant to the lips.

The empty tea bowls weigh 230 g each and have a filling volume of approx. 250 mL each. It is about 8 cm high and the diameter at the top edge is about 9 cm. Typically Japanese, the tea bowl was banned at more than 1250 °C. These high temperatures cause the clay to sinter on its own and make the tea bowl absolutely waterproof. The tea bowl is also suitable for the dishwasher and microwave.

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Susanne Schnurre
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Germany (EU)
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