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organische Teeschale mit Tropfen

handmade organic tea bowl with lucky drops

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Product description

This Japanese tea bowl (jap. Chawan) was made with the traditional Japanese carving technique. It also has a high foot ring with a water drain. This makes the tea bowl especially comfortable to grip and hold in your hands. Especially on cold days the hands get evenly warm due to the ingenious design.

The dynamic engobe and glaze decoration fits harmoniously into the image of the tea bowl. The earthy colouring with the organic surface is typical for Japanese ceramics. Each tea bowl is individually decorated and also differs from the others in its shape. In this unique piece, one part has been left unglazed in order to let the clay used take effect. The tangible clay has an attractive feel and is comfortable to hold. The drop of luck on the lower edge is a special eye-catcher and attracts curious looks.

It is traditionally used to drink green tea. For thousands of years, Japan has developed its own tea culture for this purpose, culminating in the tea ceremony.

In this large Chawan, ground green tea (Matcha) can be prepared with a bamboo broom. The strong green colour has a particularly appealing effect on the silky matt inside.

The tea bowl is made of stoneware (high fired ceramics) and like everything in the Keramik-Katell, it has a food-safe glaze. It can be washed in the dishwasher and put in the microwave. The tea bowl weighs 180 g when empty and has a filling volume of 200 mL. It is about 7 cm high and 8 cm wide at the opening.

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Type of firing
Dishwasher safe
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Susanne Schnurre
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Germany (EU)
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