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Schale 'Katze'

hand-painted bowl 'cat'

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Product description

kitty kitty kitty! Our hand-painted large (fruit) bowl 'Cat' comes along happily - ready to keep the sweet fruits of life! Good mood and a bit of sunshine, our 'Cat' bowl provides both.

As a handmade bowl, it is of course unique, because every step of the work, including the drawing, is manual work. At the beginning it was turned by hand on the potter's wheel, then the floor was modeled cleanly and finally painted. The painting was the most labour-intensive step, because a steady hand and a keen eye are essential.

Its weight is just 500 g, which is very little for the size of the bowl. The dimensions, measured at the upper edge of the opening, are approx. 22 x 7 cm (w x h).

Product details
Type of firing
For food contact
Hand painted
Paul Schiemann
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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