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Windlicht 'Elfenturm' Frontansicht

cute hand-painted lantern 'Elf Tower'

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Product description

Handmade lanterns against the housing shortage in your own little garden or living room! Our mythical creatures and fairytale characters also need a homely home to feel at home. We have taken on the problem and designed an elf tower as a colourful lantern.

The tower and the removable roof of the lantern are turned by hand on the potter's wheel and were decorated with loving details when leather-hard. Thus, the tower of the handmade elf tower was decorated with a door and various windows including shutters and window sills. Due to the large number of windows, the interior is airy and open - ideal for letting light shine in, but also out! The outside is equipped with peepholes and has been extensively planted with a green vine. Fairy tale creatures like the country style, they say!

A chimney has been added to the roof of the fairy house as a handle. This way it can be easily removed and reveals the inside of the lantern. This is kept very large and offers enough space to be able to place a large pillar candle as well as tea lights. From the outside, thanks to the many windows, it looks as if the fairies are at home in their elf tower - absolutely cosy!

The painting of the facade of the lantern was done by hand. For this, colour bodies (not glazes) were applied individually with a brush. These can only be applied with a very steady hand, an alert eye and take time. The result is that the colours look more natural and can be mixed! To protect the colours, a transparent glaze was applied and the gnome house was fired again.

The handmade lantern is about 21 cm high and weighs about 1.2 kg. The roof has a diameter of 15 cm and the tower of the elf tower has a diameter of 10 cm. The handmade lantern is made of stoneware and has to be stored dry in winter. As garden pottery, it offers a weather-dependent double use in this way and can also be used by the helpers in the living room sometimes!

Product details
Type of firing
Hand painted
Frost proof
Paul Schiemann
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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