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Tasse 'Sandwurm' Stapel

Cup of sandworms maw 'Carnivorous Worm'

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Product description

Sharp teeth and a whole mouth of them! Normally, sandworms are not to be joked about, but with our hand-made sandworm, drinking coffee is good! As a curious eye-catcher, he attracts everyone's attention in the tea kitchen and who knows, maybe he'll get legs...?

The sandworm's mouth forms the handmade cup, complete with numerous white teeth on the inside and many thorns on the outside. The articulated tail of the sandworm forms the expansive handle of the stoneware cup. This ingenious highlight makes it easy to grip and hold the unique piece.

The handmade sandworm mug was then painted with glazes and finished with a shiny transparent glaze. Whether the cup is anatomically correct or our sandworm is the origin of the spice is left to the imagination, preferably with a hot cup of tea.

The hand-made cup is about 8 cm high and 9 cm wide at the opening. It weighs around 330 g and has a capacity of around 300 ml.

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Product details
Type of firing
Dishwasher safe
For food contact
Paul Schiemann
Country of origin
Germany (EU)
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